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Developing my writing career has given me ample opportunities to research, invest my time in meaningful projects, and develop my skills across different boundaries of writing. Professionally, I have helped small and medium sized businesses to grow their online presence, developing content for websites, blogs, social media, product descriptions and more.

I have collaborated with a local marketing company to write content for their blog, showcasing local businesses, news and events. I have worked with a bespoke fragrance business to increase traffic to their website, creating product descriptions, articles, and social media copy. I have worked with publishers to generate content for fiction novels, self help and development books, speeches and other marketing copy. I have worked with a national apprenticeship consultancy company to create a whole new website, providing content for their LinkedIn and blog discussing the labour market, post 16 education, and workplace development. I have written and edited content for a NCFE registered Level 2 qualification aimed at businesses who are looking to develop their digital marketing strategies.

My love for learning allows me to continue researching and writing across a broad range of areas, including the projects I work on voluntarily. I have recently created content for a feminist literary magazine, championed by Our Streets Now, A campaign to end public sexual harassment. I am proud to have contributed articles and short stories to their online magazine.

In my personal time, I have worked on the development of two novels and a collection of short stories, allowing me to delve in to extensive research on mental health, gender equality, and the long term impacts of trauma. My personal work is always an ode to nature, and it's incredible powers to heal us. When I am not writing, I am finding time to nourish myself in the outdoors; reading, cycling, gardening, walking the dog, and tree bathing in local nature reserves.

That's enough about me, anyway. Take a look at some of my work.

Some Writing....

Strengthening the NHS frontline through apprenticeship training — think

Our health service has faced an onslaught of demand over the last few years, putting pressure on services and staff. NHS employers have been actively designing new apprenticeship standards for clinical roles, but to what extent are these new pathways helping to meet employers’ demand for skilled staff? The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the pressure on our health services. In our article Expecting the Unexpected, we considered how building skills and resilience within our workforces can help

Investing in our Healthcare Workforces — think

This week marks the 15th celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, a week of dedicated events discussing the success stories and hurdles in the industry. Organisations and institutions throughout the country have been hosting events in person and online throughout the week, bringing together top employers, training providers, and apprentices to raise further awareness of apprenticeships and the opportunities available to up-skill our workforces.

Expecting the Unexpected. Organisational resilience through stable, skilled workforces — think

Covid-19 has taught us the value of preparing for the unexpected. But how has it shaped the plans we are making now? What lessons can we learn from the pandemic to best ensure workforces contribute to organisational success? Since the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, the UK population has adjusted to the varying climate of Covid; with the implementation of local lockdowns, the three-tier system, the five-tiered system, the roadmap for easing restrictions, and December’s move to ‘Plan B'. We can all argue their varying degrees of success, but their necessity is conclusive; Covid-19 has accelerated our need for effective contingency planning, and not just within Parliament.

NHS apprenticeship providers face Ofsted pressure — think

Why have several NHS employer providers of apprenticeships struggled when Ofsted calls? The NHS is in the midst of one of its most challenging winters on record. A surge in patient demand and Covid-related rises in staff absence have combined to put health services under extreme pressure. Amid rising delays to A&E and non-urgent care alike, NHS leaders have insisted the health service is up to the task. Central to the challenges facing our health service is the availability of skilled staff wh

Do you track talent or grow your own? — think

The hunter is opportunity-minded; they track and scout their prey, developing an intimate knowledge of its characteristics, its likes, and dislikes, to capture it at the right moment. The employer who hunts for talent will find it. They will prey on the limited pool of skilled staff available and lure them with benefits. But it will be a short-lived venture. To preserve their hunt, they must dedicate time and energy into prolonging their shelf life, or risk scouting relentlessly for new talent.

Clearing Out The Cupboards

It’s that time of year again, folks. The nights are darker, and the weather colder. We all start to feel a little glum and blue. So why not Spring clean in Autumn? It's the perfect way to bring freshness and light to your home. Not sure where to start or aren’t even sure what jobs you need to do? We have collated a list of all the cleaning tasks you might have forgotten and simple ways to refresh each room. No matter what size your space, your kitchen will benefit from a clean. Cleaning your ap

Our Senses & Our Emotions

There are many scientific studies that demonstrate the strong relationship our emotions share with our senses. Our five senses are being constantly utilised to assess and engage with our surroundings, so how can we best make use of this for our mood? Our emotional processing, learning, and interpretation of information can all be guided by our different sensory cortices; our hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. So what does this have to do with the practice of mindfulness? The answer is si

Impact of Covid on the economic recovery of our health service — think

The response to the pandemic was described by MPs as "one of the most important public health failures the UK has ever experienced”. The health and social care sectors entered the pandemic in a weakened state, against a context of funding pressures, staff shortages, and increased demand for services. Latest figures published by NHS England highlight nearly 6 million people are waiting for routine hospital treatment and more than 300,000 are waiting for an operation. Reports suggest clearing the

Create a Motivating Workspace with Your Senses

Motivating your mind through your nose Links between our senses and emotions are constantly being tested and evaluated for more information. What we do know is the dynamic relationship our nose has with influencing our mood, so how can we make best use of this to motivate ourselves? Many of us have been working from home now for over a year. It started off well, we all had the best intentions; up early, breakfast, and dressed and organised for the day well before our first meeting. But as lock

Soothing Scents For A Sleepless Soul

How can we promote a healthy sleep schedule and why is it important? We all know that getting a good kip is essential for our overall functioning but what can we do to improve the quality of our sleep schedule and, in turn, improve the quality of our mental and physical well-being? How Much Sleep Do We Need? Sleep duration is, of course, a very important element when thinking about how much sleep you need, but it’s not the full picture. The the average adult to get between 6 and 9 hours of sl

Tackling the National Skills Shortage from Within — think

The National Skills Shortage is taking its toll on many sectors; from hospitality, transport, construction, and healthcare. In the past three months, vacancy numbers in the UK have risen to above one million for the first time. The Bank of England predicted that unemployment rates might reach 5.5% this year, after seeing a year on year decline for the last decade. However, economists have been surprised by a continued decline as society recovers. The government's furlough scheme allowed 4 millio
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